Calabria, Pd group in the Regional Council: presence at the Anci initiative against differentiated autonomy confirmed


By John

A fruitful meeting of the PD group in the Regional Council led by group leader Mimmo Bevacqua took place today in Lamezia.
At the beginning of the meeting, the Dem councilors expressed their best wishes to their colleagues Franco Iacucci and Ernesto Alecci regarding their confirmation in the Bureau of Palazzo Campanella with the role of vice-president and secretary of the police commissioner.
The group unanimously reiterated its desire to take part in the initiative announced for tomorrow by the regional ANCI to protest against the differentiated autonomy desired by the national government, confirming its presence at the sit-ins in front of the Prefectures which will take place throughout Calabria .
The group also decided to plan a series of initiatives in the area to make the white paper known and thus promote the work done so far and make it a common heritage and starting point to make the opposition’s action stronger and more cohesive Campanella palace. The dem councilors then underlined the importance of the white paper as a fundamental tool for giving voice to the territories and providing the circles with useful elements for discussion through a serious, constructive and wide-ranging discussion.
The group then expressed its desire not to take part in the meetings of the Conference of Group Leaders until President Mancuso provides concrete responses to the formal communication with which the inclusion of representatives of the Dem group within those permanent commissions was requested. in which they are not an active part, proceeding with their inclusion in the bodies before the renewal of the Commissions themselves.

Finally, the group expressed its satisfaction with the presence in Calabria of theHon. Chiara Braga group leader in the Chamber of Deputies, scheduled for next Thursday 22 February. Braga will stay in our Region for the whole day, taking part in various initiatives that will be organized in the area in synergy with the regional party.