Donna Rosina Servidio crosses the finish line of 106 years, great celebration in Santa Sofia d’Epiro


By John

That’s one hundred and six years! A record goal, for a select few, achieved by a woman Rosina Servidio. Always with a smile which, together with singing, is the element that most characterized her long life. Still very lucid, the ultra-centenarian arbëreshe, originally from San Demetrio Corone, has lived in the Pezzapiana area of ​​Santa Sofia d’Epiro, on the border with Bisignano, since the day of her wedding, celebrated more than eighty years ago, with Giuseppe Zicaro, who died in 2011 at the age of 91. From this union eight children were born: four girls and the same number of boys. Three, also a record, twin births.

Grandma Rosina, blind for years, lives with her daughter Maria and her family. Her other children are abroad: Germany and France. Fifteen grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. A simple life for her. Always in the countryside, in contact with nature. Her diet was sober and mostly based on the genuine products of her land, which she produced together with her husband. A year ago, when we asked her what her favorite invention was, she replied, without hesitation, that it was the telephone. A “contraption” that used to intimidate her a little, but which then became an inseparable “friend of hers”, putting her in contact with her family members who live outside her. To celebrate, relatives and friends and the mayor Daniele Sisca which brought her the best wishes of the entire town.