Castrovillari hosts the meeting of the provincial section of the union of outpatient specialists


By John

The meeting of the Provincial Section of the Union of Outpatient Specialists (SUMAI) was held in the Ferrocinto area of ​​Castrovillari, in the presence of the Provincial Secretary Francesco de Marco and the Board of Directors.
There are several items on the agenda, including the payment of outstanding dues, the regulation of home visits, the reduction of waiting lists.
Anthony Filardi has the task of illustrating the contents of the recently approved National Collective Agreement.
There was no shortage of clarifications on some critical issues, such as the almost “punctual” delay in the payment of salaries for a category that is third to last in Europe in terms of remuneration; as well as the lack of payment on the computerization on which the lawyer reported. Enzo Paolini
On everyone's part, the hope is that there will be greater space for constructive dialogue at an institutional level, taking into account the real conditions faced by outpatient specialists, who are sometimes poorly distributed in the various clinics (for some there is a surplus of doctors, others, well more structurally adequate, hosting even just two specialists in one shift); and often, forced to do work that is not strictly within their competence, having to deal with a lack of information technology.
The Secretary then assured those present of his next meetings with company managers in order to clarify once and for all the duties of Specialist Doctors in the face, however, of the recognition of their rights.