Catanzaro, the prophets of the goal rediscovered. Donnarumma: “A liberation, and it's not over.” Brignola: “I dreamed of an evening like this”


By John

The speakers at the “Ceravolo” blasting “Un'estate italiana” by Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato give a good idea of ​​what Saturday night was like for Catanzaro and its fans. The iconic “magical nights” sung at the top of their lungs from the stadium, the scarf that accompanies it, celebrating a crazy match. And the brace of the captain-fan, his tears at the goal of hope, Vivarini's substitutions that give the turning point, Donnarumma's scratch after 95 minutes and 58 seconds, Brignola's pearl that would look good on the cover of a sticker album. If what happened in those two abundant hours isn't magic… Magic and tenacity, heart, faith, but also the experience that makes you erase months on the sidelines in one fell swoop. On the most beautiful, when it matters most.
Alfredo. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Donnarumma has the same first name as Hitckock. Only the king of yellow could write something like this: Catanzaro who remains in the playoffs with the goal of someone who has always scored in bursts in his career, but had not scored since 27 September (penalty against Cittadella, in the same goal) and he seemed like a distant relative of the center forward who had brought Brescia to Serie A. «There are matches that are worth a season and this one is, with all of myself I tried to help and I succeeded. I'm proud because I never gave up, it's not part of me and I never will, but I'm proud of the boys too, after an amazing championship we deserved to continue”, he explained. The header to make it 2-2 was the shot of a thorough striker: «An attacker experiences the goal first, when I saw Andrea (Oliveri, ed.) going to cut away I understood that the ball was mine and would go in. Many told me that I would be decisive in the playoffs, I'm happy that it was like this, a liberation, even if I would like to apologize to the Brescia fans for the celebration, in a different situation I wouldn't have done it, I carry Brescia in my heart, but it was a special moment and I couldn't hold back my joy. Many things didn't go as they should have, but it doesn't matter, what counts today and what will be in the next races.”
Henry. Brignola was also experiencing similar problems until Iemmello's wonderful assist hit the goal with an equally splendid half-back. He won't score much (four goals in the Giallorossi), but when he does they are almost always good: remember the left-footed shot from distance after a sombrero to an opponent last year with Monopoli? Furthermore, they are always important: the 2-0 mathematical promotion in Salerno, the definitive overtaking of Samp at Marassi, this one against Brescia who put Catanzaro ahead in extra time. “I dreamed of an evening like this, I'm going through a difficult time and my only goal was to help the boys just as they are helping me”, he underlined, also mentioning the off-field events (investigated for the Benevento betting case). «When I hit the ball I immediately thought that I would score, I had taken it too well and it was a liberation also because I realize that I hadn't contributed as much as I could. Going months and months without playing is tough, but I have never had anything against the coach, who is very good and I thank him for bringing me here – he added -. I put my best foot forward, there was also bad luck, but when Alfredo scored I said to myself what we had done… then it was important to push again and not just think about the equalizer.”
Donnarumma and Brignola, Vivarini has found two potentially fundamental elements. They were with Brescia, they can be again.