Catanzaro, the strength of the heart and ideas. And now the exodus to the “Zini” in Cremona


By John

The strength of the heart and that of ideas. He had called Vivarini back the day before and saw them at work together the following evening, fundamental aspects in Catanzaro's comeback against Cremonese. Almost a prophecy. Everyone noticed the strength of the heart, whether they were at the “Ceravolo” or in front of the TV: if an entire stadium applauds its players who have just conceded the 0-2 from their opponents, it means that those same players have done something great , beyond any result. It was the spark that shook the team in a match of fibrillations – positive – has become constant over the last two years. The Giallorossi have demonstrated once again that they are structurally equipped with nerves and character: if you manage to catch up once again and overturn the opponent as you did against Brescia three days earlier it could also be an episode, but if you repeat yourself against one of the stronger than the B, like the Cremonese, then it means that the attributes are innate. Like the ideas that Iemmello and his teammates rattle off race after race over two championships. The union between heart and ideas, the symbiosis with the fans, the will to continue the promotion dream will all be assets to spend on Saturday at the “Zini”.
Centenary. «I'm happy for my goal, but I'm even happier for how we reacted to the double disadvantage», explained Tommaso Biasci. With the goal against Cremonese, the “twin” of the goal reached eleven goals for the season and 38 overall in 100 appearances for Catanzaro. He couldn't celebrate them better than with that right-foot shot that ended up under the top corner (“I shot well”), a shot of hope. «We were good at not giving up and restarting a match that perhaps wasn't over, because we always believed in it, but down two at home you risk going down mentally. Then from my goal I think we delivered one of the best performances of the last two years.” Yes, because as soon as they scored the 1-2 the Eagles opened their wings and found what they hadn't had until then. Vivarini's substitutions triggered the explosion together with those who remained on the pitch: Brignola speed in incursions on the right and centre, Veroli solidity on the left, Iemmello and Donnarumma began to penetrate the depths with consistency (and it's a shame that number 99 didn't took advantage of the two face-to-face chances with the goalkeeper), Pompetti raised the intensity in the midfield by supporting Petriccione. In general the team crushed Cremonese in their own half, scored Brignola's second goal and entertained the idea of ​​a coup that would have been deserved.
Repeat yourself. «Cremonese put us in difficulty in the first 20 minutes, then we slowly worked our way up to a recovery that was the best since I've been here», underlined Oliveri proudly: «Knowing what awaits us in the return leg is an advantage for we will have to bring this desire, this intensity, this anger back onto the field, but if we were to succeed, victory would be possible. After all, if we had already obtained it here in the first leg, no one would have had anything to say.” Situm should be available again for Saturday, but the twenty-one-year-old from Palermo who arrived in Catanzaro on loan from Atalanta did great. The ball crossed into the area from which the 2-2 was born was Oliveri's own, very reliable even in a context in which the lack of experience could weigh heavily: «We are now at the end of the season, the physical condition is at the top and mentally I gained the right confidence. I really want to help this team achieve the best.” Trying to beat Cremona