Catanzaro young and full of hopes


By John

Young and full of hope. Not only for Catanzaro, because three are on loan and another will be sold now or in June, but if the Giallorossi are going strong it is also thanks to them. Of their freshness, athletic and mental. Of their reliability even on a complicated planet like Serie B. The green line has the faces of Ghion, Katseris, Pompetti, Veroli and Ambrosino. For a coach who has often repeated how “young people can make the leap in quality”, the Eagles’ five is a guarantee. Everyone gave a lot or something, in different ways and at different times, but no one disappointed.
Because he has become a transfer man, the frontman is Katseris, a twenty-two year old who is increasingly closer to Monza as part of a transfer that should leave him in Calabria until the end of the season and does not foresee – at least for now – any quid pro quo: the Lombards had tried to insert them months ago , but president Noto’s club only wants cash to certify the largest capital gain in Catanzaro’s history. Zero euros spent to get it, no less than a couple of million to collect thanks to the long eye of sporting director Magalini, who had brought Katseris on trial in the Sila training camp in Moccone in the summer of 2022. He was an unknown winger coming from D, he convinced everyone in a few days and, after an amazing first half of the season (14 appearances, two assists), he is ready to great jump at almost crazy speed, like the peak (37 per hour) he reaches on the throw: practically nobody does it in B.
Ghion is completing his apprenticeship for Serie A which has been going on for two years. Vivarini built a team around him, he took it without being asked in C, then continued to hold on to it upstairs. At Sassuolo they are rubbing their hands – they have never considered the transfer – because they can have a top-flight playmaker after two seasons on loan: Ghion has always played so far (19 games) and scored his first goal in Serie B in Venice, useless but beautiful.
In midfield the Mantuan director is the only one who almost never rotates, the others do and among these there is Pompetti, which Catanzaro purchased from Inter in the summer. For Vivarini he could be the future in midfield because the twenty-three-year-old from Pescara knows how to do everything well: he sets, he tackles, he has the physique for battles and the fine feet of a metronome, the English call them “box to box” because they can move in front of a ‘area like the other.
The precise and powerful left foot is a valuable addition, as he demonstrated by punishing Spezia (12 appearances, one goal and one assist).
Veroli is about to return. The twenty-year-old took Krajnc’s place in defence, received the coach’s appointment (“He has the legs and skills of an A”) and if it hadn’t been for an injury at the beginning of December he would have continued to enrich his match list, stuck in 12. He is from Cagliari (who holds the counter-ransom), Catanzaro however has a right of redemption which he wants to exercise in June.
Last, but not least, is Ambrosino. The Napoli striker has just started playing and scoring after a troubled start held back by an injury: 11 games and two goals, both from the penalty area and done with. Who knows, maybe the return round, without pressure, will definitively establish him: the Neapolitans are hoping for it, just like Catanzaro. Ambrosino has just started playing, he can be considered a reinforcement on the transfer market.