Messina, incompatibility or ineligibility of Maurizio Croce: the city council postpones the decision on the resolution


By John

The city council decided to postpone the decision on the resolution with which the procedure for the incompatibility or ineligibility of Maurizio Croce which will therefore remain in the Chamber for the moment. Not a vote which would have immediately declared the forfeiture of the former mayoral candidate in the last elections but which in reality would have only given Croce himself the opportunity in the event of a positive vote to be able to argue the reasons for who would have had the right to remain in the city council despite the role they hold within the commissioner structure for the hydrogeological emergency.
It was the centre-right who on paper had the numbers to reject the proposal who proposed being able to ask the state attorney’s office for a copy of the opinion given to Maurizio Croce months ago and which he did not produce in the House and of which he did not let the outcome be known. Even the groups linked to Basile, who with the Democratic Party had intended to vote favorably but were undernumbered due to some absences, followed the request. President Pergolizzi will propose to Maurizio Croce to present the opinion given by the lawyers. Postponement to 30 days if the opinion has not been received within that period.