Celebrations of San Francesco in Paola, the mayor thanks: “Success of the city”


By John

It is well known that, behind a major event, there cannot fail to be an organizational machine brought to life by many parties and strengthened by collaborations and common synergies. This is the case of the celebrations in honor of San Francesco di Paola, which achieved enormous success, perhaps even exceeding expectations compared to the organisation, for example, of the Rocco Hunt concert and more. A steamroller that did not stop for a moment and which, today, finds, in the words of the mayor Giovanni Politano, feelings of gratitude towards all those who offered their help and collaboration, at the most heartfelt event of the year .

“After the beautiful days experienced and after the emotions and strong moments of faith and union, the time has come for thanks, starting from the police forces, who represented everyone's guardian angels: to Captain Marco Pedullà, Commander of the Carabinieri Company; to Lieutenant Ivan Tarantino, Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Company; to Dr. Elga Rossignuolo, Director of the Paola Police Department; Lieutenant Fausto De Caria of the Port Authority; Commander Marco Romito of the Fire Brigade Detachment; Inspector Antonio Stabilito of the Polstrada; Dr. Ivana Cosco, Commander of the Local Police. And again: the Police Commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro and the Deputy Police Commissioner Cataldo Pignataro”. Always the First Citizen of Politano, continues: “Sincere thanks to the voluntary associations and the Italian Red Cross. To the Neighborhood Committees, who have made our streets, our squares and our alleys beautiful and welcoming. The whole family of the Municipality of Paola: the workers, the maintenance service and all the sectors of Sant'Agostino; social cooperatives; the cities twinned with us; the Sanctuary of San Francesco, the Order of the Minims, the General Corrector Father Gregorio Colatorti, the Provincial Corrector Father Francesco Maria Trebisonda, our Archbishop Giovanni Checchinato, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi for the beautiful message on Peace and Bishop Morosini, who invited us to offer the right valorization to the Scalinata della Macchia”. Sincere thanks also to the President of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto, to his cabinet chief Luciano Vigna, to the regional managers Cauteruccio and Aquino and to the President of the Province Rosaria Succurro. A round of applause to our Cesira Frangella who, with her sweet voice, welcomed our Saint in Piazza IV Novembre. A collective thank you to all those who collaborated in the celebrations and a hug to the entire community and the people of Paola, for the patience shown and for the synergy and constructive attitude that was established and which goes beyond the patronal celebration. Finally, thanks to our friends, the mayors of San Lucido and Fuscaldo, Cosimo De Tommaso and Giacomo Middea, for their constant collaboration and thanks to the various communities of Argentine guests, who immediately after the party voluntarily tried their hand at beach cleaning”.

Heartfelt and significant words, those of Mayor Politano, which follow an event which recorded a huge participation. A river of people invaded Paola both during the days of the procession and at the Rocco Hunt concert, whose location proved to be apt and, in perspective, capable of hosting mass demonstrations. As well as being well received by traders, who reported an increase in collections of at least 30% more than last year.
“Our patronal celebration brought out a strong sense of belonging, pride and a renewed desire for healthy and active protagonism, in addition to the colors and warmth for our Saint Francis, the only and true First Citizen of the City” – the conclusions by Giovanni Politano.