Reggina now has only one objective


By John

The draw with Igea Virtus ended the regular season for Reggina. The focus is now on the match with Vibonese which will mark the start of the play offs. A challenge in which the end-of-championship atmosphere that was perceived in the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto match will be abandoned. The amaranths return to work today at the Sant'Agata sports center. In Sunday's match Trocini's choices were aimed at preserving the players as much as possible in view of the first round of the post season. We can say that the mission has been accomplished. The warned Rosseti and Barillà, not having been used, averted the yellow card which would have cost them disqualification. With the playoffs, among other things, the warnings are eliminated. The only problem concerned Porcino, but the bruise suffered by the player does not seem to cause concern. The general situation is that of a group that is doing well.
However, it wasn't a perfect afternoon. The Amaranths would have needed a victory to increase their average points, a parameter that could be important if the conditions for the repechage were created. However, there is still the margin to be able to guarantee the main requirement to significantly apply for a possible return to Serie C through the back door. Winning the playoffs is in fact almost a “sine qua non” for accessing what should be the first ranking reserved for Serie C teams in the event that there is room for them to be picked up again.
Reggina must overcome the limits shown in the season to win first in Vibo and then possibly in Syracuse. Trocini and the team believe in it, because the group's upward trajectory at the technical level generates self-esteem in the team. It is still early in the week, but it is easy to think that at the Razza the Amaranths will present themselves with the formation that has become the basis in recent weeks. It is easy to hypothesize that all the players used the most and who did not initially take part in the match against Igea Virtus are destined to find space. The reference is to the various Martinez, Girasole, Cham, Barillà and Rosseti. Such a large number of key players out of the lineup means that judgments on the performance offered in Barcelona are time-consuming. In Vibo, having only one result available will not initially change the prerogatives of a team that has scored twenty-two points in the last ten games, the result of seven wins, one draw and two defeats. One of which arrived right at Razza.
In the same range of matches, however, the rossoblù still obtained three points less than the amaranth. A fact from which the team can draw the motivation to understand that that bad performance in Vibo was the result of a match lived with too much fear and not managed in the best possible way after a decent start.