Chaos at Cara in Isola Capo Rizzuto: migrants protesting due to numerous disruptions


By John

Long delays in obtaining recognition of international protection; excessive lengths of stay in the Isola Capo Rizzuto reception center; and the quality of the food distributed is not excellent. These were the reasons that led this morning a hundred migrants started a protest inside the Cara in the Sant'Anna area. Moments of tension which led the guests of the facility to block the entry of catering vehicles into the Center which is managed by the Croton Red Cross for a couple of hoursAnd. But not only.

Because during the protest, which did not result in damage to people or things, the migrants complained about the difficulties in using the pocket money of 2.50 euros outside the Cara even to purchase the bus ticket. All the mediation work of the police forces operating in the structure was necessary to stop the protest.

On the cover, an archive photo of migrants in Cara