The Giallorossi are preparing to face Catania: “We know the weight of the derby in Messina”


By John

Two days to the long-awaited derby with Catania for a Messina that recharges its batteries and prepares for the match against the Etna, indulging in a mutual embrace with a group of fans, especially very young ones, present at the “meet and greet” organized in a well-known supermarket in the city centre, shirt sponsor of the biancoscudato club.
Lots of enthusiasm even from the little ones who asked questions and encouraged the players who attended (Emmausso, Scafetta, Lia and Frisenna) with encouragement and chants: «For us it is extremely pleasant to receive this incitement from the little fans – says Emmausso – each of us wants to win and honor this important shirt, so much so that the commitment is not never missed and never will. We will try to win against Catania and we know that it is a very important match for us, the people and the club.” The “reply” arrives promptly: «We must not try to win – a small fan warns him – we just have to win!» Teramo’s three points against Monterosi cannot be the panacea for all ills, but Messina must start again from there, continuing to put on the pitch that sense of unity that also came from the embrace that linked Emmausso, the Modica coach and the the entire group after the 0-2 goal: «The coach deserved something more and I think he deserved that hug. He is a hard worker, a serious professional and a great coach, as well as being a football father for me. I care a lot about him.” An embrace that for Emmausso himself also feels like redemption after the difficult period, the first whistles and the criticisms also received by Modica himself in the most complicated moment of the season. The penalty scored and the victory obtained must act as a springboard towards the end of the first round which does not only include the derby with Catania: «In our work, criticism is part of the game – continues Emmausso – and it is normal to suffer it when things aren’t going well. I reiterate that in the long run the values ​​of good players will emerge and I am convinced that this team will make this city have fun, something I said three months ago and which I want to repeat.” Catania is recovering after the arrival on the bench of Cristiano Lucarelli and an opponent “attented” also by Emmausso himself, who played just 8 games with the red and blues in the first part of the 20/21 season: «We know their value and I know the environment, but I know that it won’t be easy for them to come and play in Messina. My match as an ex? I have already played against Catania and I also scored as a former player. We hope to do it again.”
Giacomo Modica, then, should also have Francesco Scafetta available who suffered a shoulder problem in the match against Monterosi: «We will give it our all – says the former Vibonese midfielder regarding the match against Catania – I hope we will be able to win and I am sure we will give 100%. I will be available and I want to be there, I am recovering well, also thanks to the therapies. Last year in Vibo I immediately found a great understanding with Mr. Modica and his teachings allowed me to do well. I prefer to play as a winger in attack, but if I need to help out in the middle of the pitch I don’t hold back.”