Climate change, innovation and challenges for Europe: the Ania Insurance Summit in Rome


By John

Environmental sustainability and common strategies aimed at dealing with the consequences of climate change are at the center of the Insurance Summit promoted by Ania, the national association of insurance companies, scheduled in Rome next Tuesday 3 October from 9am to 5.30pm at Villa Miani.

Last year, during the second edition, the in-depth analysis concerned the analysis of the socio-economic context between the pandemic and “warflation”, i.e. the consequences of the conflict in Europe on the globalized financial systems. The third edition of the international event, which has now become an important event for an all-round reflection conducted with institutional representatives, experts and top representatives of the category, will once again this year see a broad discussion between the various stakeholders, aimed at looking at the future and outline the role that the insurance sector can play, in terms of protecting families and businesses from calamitous events, but also in terms of supporting technological progress and sustainable investments, prefiguring in particular the European scenarios and opportunities, and critical issues, linked to the action of central and national regulatory bodies and to a regulatory framework that is not always homogeneous between the different States. A framework in which insurance companies intend to “highlight the significant support for the country’s economic growth, in light of the greatest challenges of our time”.

The intense program of the day

To open the event, entitled “Climate change and innovation: contributions from the insurance sector. The challenges for Europe thirty years after the Single Market”, will be Maria Bianca Farina, president of ANIA, will then speak with Giancarlo Giorgetti, minister of Economy and Finance. After the greetings of Luigi Federico Signorini, general director of the Bank of Italy and president of IVASS, the Insurance Supervisory Institute, and the presentation of Andrea Sironi, president of Assicurazioni Generali, the first panel “Thirty years later” will open the Single Market: results and their impact on the insurance sector” with the introduction of Enzo Moavero Milanesi, professor of European law at Luiss and moderation by Alessandra Migliaccio, of Bloomberg. Participants Marcel Haag, Director DG FISMA B (Directorate General Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union) of the European Commission; Petra Hielkema, President of EIOPA (European Insurance Authority); Mirenchu ​​Del Valle, president of UNESPA (Union of Spanish Insurance Companies); Patricia Plas, director of Institutional Affairs, AXA Group.

The second panel on “European institutional scenarios and prospects for the insurance sector on the 2030 horizon”, moderated by Chiara Albanese of Bloomberg, includes Michaela Koller, general director of Insurance Europe; Giovanni Sabatini, general director of ABI; Sandro Pierri, president of EFAMA; Karel Van Hulle, professor emeritus at the Economics and Business Faculty of the KU Leuven (Belgium).

In the afternoon, from 3pm, the third panel, with the presentation of Fabio Cerchiai, president of FeBAF (Federation of Banks, Insurance and Finance), will focus on the role of insurance in bridging the protection gap on climate change and welfare through innovation and digitalisation. Introduced by Maximo Ibarra, managing director of Engineering, moderated by Flavia Rotondi from Bloomberg. Participants Massimo Cerofolini, expert in digital technologies; Luca Filippone, general director of Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazione; Giacomo Gigantiello, chief executive officer of Axa Assicurazioni Spa; Massimo Monacelli, general manager Generali Italia; Andrea Novelli, CEO and general manager of Poste Vita Spa. Adolfo Urso, Minister of Business and Made in Italy, will then speak at 5pm, and President Ania Maria Bianca Farina will conclude the proceedings.