Polistena, who died after surgery due to septicemia: six doctors under investigation


By John

The Public Prosecutor's Office Palmsdirected by Emanuele Crescenti, ordered the exhumation of the body of Antoine Michel Straputicari, 61 years old, originally from San Ferdinando, who died in Polistena hospital after surgery on 20 February, registering six health workers in the register of suspects. According to what we have learned, Straputicari ehad undergone abdominal surgery for a diagnosis of acute diverticulitis and later died due to a septicemia infection, despite having been operated on twice in an attempt to remove the infected part of the intestine. The family members thus filed a complaint with the Palmi Prosecutor's Office, which immediately opened investigations for the crime of manslaughter in the exercise of the health profession in competition, entering six doctors from the Polisteno hospital in the register of crime reports. This is AP, 51 years old, from Siderno, the surgeon who operated on the patient the first time; RN, 60 years old, from Taurianova, the surgeon who intervened the second time to save Antoine Michel Straputicari from death; CP, 42 years old, from Melito Porto Salvo, and DV, 72 years old, from Bovalino, members of the team in the first intervention; RL, 37 years old, from Ricadi, and GM, 63 years old, from Cinquefrondi, the latter engaged in the operating room during the second, desperate, operation. The body, after exhumation, was transported to the university hospital of Catanzaro for an autopsy to ascertain the causes of death and the existence of any criminal liability for the suspects. Straputicari was hospitalized in Polistena last January 30 for severe stomach pain, where he was diagnosed with acute diverticulitis. The surgery will be carried out after six days. Despite the post-operative complications, Straputicari was discharged on February 12th, but was hospitalized again on February 18th due to his suffering, was taken back to the operating room and died during the night. Investigators will now determine the causes of death. Antoine Michel Straputicari leaves behind his wife and three young children.