Colombia, drug boss El Zar arrested in business with the 'Ndrangheta


By John

A Colombian boss of the Medellin cartel, in business with the 'Ndrangheta and the Mocro Maffia, the Moroccan mafia, was arrested in his country thanks to a joint operation by the national and Spanish police.
It's about Julio Andres Murillo Figueroa, 49, who is believed to be the direct contact of the cartel's operations in Europe and contacts with the Calabrian and Moroccan mafia organizations, according to the Spanish police. The cocaine destined for the two organizations transited through the Belgian port of Antwerp and the Dutch port of Rotterdam. Colombian police report that Figueroa, known by the nickname El Zar and with that of H-1, was the main supplier of Jonas Sture Falk, the so-called «Swedish Pablo Escobar». Last February the Spanish authorities seized eight tons of coca arriving from Suriname and another nine and a half tons coming from Ecuador last August.