Corigliano Rossano, leaves prison and is expelled: he joined the group that organized the attack on “Charlie Hebdo”


By John

Expulsion for a foreign citizen detained under high security in the Corigliano Rossano prison. The measure was taken yesterday. The decision was taken by the Police Commissioner of the Province of Cosenza, Dr. Giuseppe Cannizzaro following the release of a foreign citizen detained in the High Security section of the city prison in the Ciminata Greco district which, as is known, also houses prisoners locked up for terrorist crimes. The Police Commissioner of Cosenza therefore ordered the detention of the foreign person in question at the Permanence Center for Repatriations, against whom an expulsion decree from the national territory issued by the Prefect of the Province of Cosenza was applied. Vittoria Ciaramella.

The scrupulous work of the staff of the Immigration Office and the General Investigations Special Operations Division of the Cosenza Police Headquarters led to the timely execution of today’s provision. The expulsion decree against the foreign citizen was issued pursuant to art. 13 paragraph 2 letter c of the TUI, considering both the criminal precedents for incitement or apologia for crimes relating to terrorist crimes and crimes against humanity (art. 414 last paragraph of the Criminal Code), for which he was convicted, and for the conduct of the foreigner and his acquaintances.