In Reggino the most dangerous roads in Calabria


By John

The streets of the metropolitan city of Reggio are confirmed as the most dangerous in Calabria, especially for pedestrians: the 2022 Istat data certify a perception that is very clear among the population every day.
There were 111 road users on foot hit in the twelve months of last year, a number significantly higher than that of the other provinces: 89 in Cosenza, 11 in Vibo Valentia, 59 in Catanzaro and 25 in Crotone. The data is also negative with regards to accidents caused by the vehicle skidding or leaving the road: 84 events were recorded in one year, again the highest figure at a regional level. In total, 307 accidents were recorded in the Reggio area.
In the face of negative data, however, the percentage of mortality following accidents is slightly improving, as in 2022 ten victims were recorded in the metropolitan area while in this case Cosenza leads with 39 deaths. The indicator that provides this partially positive result is to be compared with the total number of accidents recorded, which in Reggio was 962 (the highest in Calabria). The improvement index is more evident if the latest data relating to 2020 and 2021 are compared. In the first year there were 674 accidents with 14 victims, in the second 862 with 22 deaths. The number of injured in 2022 is close to 1500, some of these with very serious prognoses.

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