Cosenza between lights and shadows. And Caserta remains in the balance


By John

Cosenza closes the calendar year with a strong question: the continuity of Fabio Caserta. The Melito Porto Salvo coach ended up in the meat grinder after the recent results achieved. The negative trend has caused the rossoblù to slide to the opposite side of the table. In fact, if until a few weeks ago the Wolves were placed in the brightest part of the ranking, now they are groping in the peripheral districts.
Guarascio, on the day of the presentation of the calendars, spoke of his desire to “raise the bar”. And, in his own way, he did it, with a salary increase of around 1.5 million compared to the previous round. A salary cap, however, which turns out to be the fifteenth of the salary cap. Therefore, in line with the current position in the ranking (14th). Evidently, since in the past the second lowest fee in Serie B was enough, the expectations around the increase were quite high.
This time too, however, despite some veiled phrases at the beginning of the season, we then progressively entrenched ourselves around the anchor of salvation. Gemmi, in the press conference to present Caserta, spoke half-heartedly about salvation without too many tribulations. He did not define the contours of the objective very clearly and at the same time he swept the ball into the stands when asked what the renewal option in the coach’s contract was linked to. In these complicated days we try to reveal as little as possible to the outside world but trust in the coach has been waning for a few weeks now. The rossoblù will return to work on January 3 but it is unlikely that anything will change between today and tomorrow and, therefore, the last field day will be Tuesday.
Time plays in favor of the Reggio coach but this cannot fail to leave consequences after several days of uncertainty. Questions that are probably more accepting of those who have spent their lives away from the world of football.

Average points

Caserta’s progress in the first round was the best of this last Serie B cycle. Since Cosenza returned to the second round they had never reached 21 points. The coach’s image, however, as mentioned, was discredited by the offensive and generally widespread difficulties recorded from the end of October onwards.
The Melite coach’s scoring average is 1.10 points per game (21 in 19 games). Within a season, only Occhiuzzi did better than him, during the post-lockdown miracle-salvation, when the Sila team averaged 2.2 points per game (22 points in 10 matches) and the first Braglia, the one who returned in B, capable of scoring 46 points in 36 matches (1.28 points). Behind Caserta, as regards the regular phase of the championship, are all the others: Viali 1.07; Bisoli 1.06, Dionigi 1, Zaffaroni 0.94, Occhiuzzi-bis 0.92 (35 in 38, second year), Braglia-bis 0.83 (20 in 24, second year), Pillon 0.80 (4 in 5), Occhiuzzi-ter 0.57 (4 in 7, under Goretti management).