Giorgia Meloni is preparing to take stock of 2023. And then there is the issue of the candidacy for the European elections to be resolved


By John

Latest reflections underway on the candidacy for the European elections. According to some of his loyalists, Giorgia Meloni he hasn’t untied the knot, or at least he hasn’t shared his final decision yet. The question, inevitably, will be raised on Thursday in the Prime Minister’s end-of-year press conference, postponed from 21 to 28 December due to the flu that affected her before Christmas: few would be surprised by a “yes” but it is not excluded that the FdI leader’s response be postponed to the beginning of the year and to another forum, different from that dedicated to the head of government’s budget. There are less than six months to go until the elections, “a memorable appointment with history” as Meloni herself defined it at Atreju, the event that effectively opened the long electoral campaign. The time to identify strategies and candidates is approaching. The goal is 30%. And the idea that the prime minister could lead the list is a concrete hypothesis. «Even Berlusconi, when he was president of FI, always ran as the leader of the list», observed the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa a few days ago. And even Guido Crosetto, one of the ministers closest to her, noted that Meloni “has always been at the top of the FdI lists”.

After Christmas with her family, between Milan and Rome, with social greetings accompanied by a photo of her embracing her daughter Ginevra, the prime minister is preparing for a press conference which last year lasted almost three hours. Among the obvious topics are also the rejection of the ratification of the ESM with the repercussions on relations with European partners, the Stability Pact, but also maneuver, fiscal policies, and justice. Regarding this, the National Press Federation, contesting the ban on the publication in full or in extract of the text of the precautionary custody order, will not participate in the press conference of the Prime Minister, «the expression of a majority – we read on the website of the federation – which wants to tighten the gag around information”, and will promote a symbolic protest.