Cosenza doesn't break through against Cittadella, only a 0-0 at “Marulla”


By John

Cosenza-Cittadella 0-0

Cosenza (4-2-3-1): Micai 6; Gyamfi 6, Camporese 6, Fontanarosa 5.5, Frabotta 5; Zuccon 5 (33' st Viviani sv), Voca 6 (32' pt Calò 5.5); Marras 5.5 (10' st Canotto 5), Antonucci 6, Florenzi 5.5; Forte 5 (10' st Crespi 5). All.: Caserta.
Citadel (3-4-1-2): Manor 7; Salvi 6.5, Negro 6.5, Frare 6; Carissoni 6.5, Amatucci 6.5 (26' st Carriero 6), Branca 6.5, Rizza 6.5; Cassano 5.5 (1st st Mastrantonio 5.5); Pandolfi 5.5 (1' st Magrassi 5.5), Pittarello 6.5 (39' st Maistrello sv). All.: Gorini.
Referee: Barons of Florence 6.5.
Note: cloudy day, pitch in perfect condition, 4,331 spectators including 24 guests. Booked: Gyamfi, Magrassi, Branca, Salvi, Zuccon. Corners: 6-4. Recovery time: 2', 5'.

The derby effect and the dependence on Tutino are holding Cosenza back. At the “Marulla”, the Caserta team won only one point against Cittadella. The Venetians interrupted a streak of eight consecutive defeats on the banks of the Crati.
Gorini's team tries to shake things up in the first few minutes. Pittarello lifts Carissoni's cross from the right over the crossbar (8') while Negro, in the 23rd minute, hits the ball weakly and centrally on Cassano's corner at the near post.
Cosenza grows in the second part of the first half. The first ring comes from the feet of the most inspired man, Antonucci. The former player of the day gets rid of two men delightfully with a veronica, wins a rebound and sends Florenzi towards goal but the Sardinian's shot is blocked by Maniero's foot (26'). Five minutes later Carissoni saves an attempt by Antonucci off the line following a cross by Frabotta.
In the second half, Caserta's substitutions produced two flare-ups. A few seconds after entering the pitch, Canotto waits too long in front of Maniero (12'). The Sila team took the lead in the 17th minute but it was useless because Crespi was offside on Calò's cross. Cittadella sporadically threatens Micai's goal but before the ninetieth minute Cosenza is once again the one to be dangerous with Florenzi, the Granata goalkeeper deflects it for a corner. Too little in any case to interrupt the period of decline.