Bridge over the Strait, Saccomanno: “The expropriations will be carried out in compliance with the law”


By John

«As a member of the Board of Directors of Società dello Stretto di Messina S.pA., I would like to further explore some crucial aspects relating to the bridge project, also including the theme of expropriations and not just safety. Our commitment in the construction of the Messina Bridge does not only concern the structural safety and stability of the work, but also the responsible management of expropriations that may be necessary for its construction”. To affirm it is Giacomo Francesco Saccomannoboard member of the company commissioning the work.

«It is important – he explains – to underline that expropriations, if necessary, will be conducted in compliance with current laws and with the full involvement of the communities affected. Our goal is to ensure that every step of the process is transparent and fair, respecting the rights and needs of the citizens involvedthe”.

The issue of expropriations, adds Saccomanno, «is delicate and requires a careful and respectful approach. We are committed to collaborating with the competent authorities and interested parties to address this phase with sensitivity and professionalism. Parallel to the issue of expropriations, I reiterate our commitment to maximum safety and stability of the bridge. The studies conducted by our experts – he points out – confirm that the structure is designed to resist any stress, including seismic events. The Messina Bridge is not just an infrastructural work, but a project that aims to promote the economic and social development of the region. We are aware of the challenges and responsibilities involved in carrying out a work of this magnitude, and we are committed to managing every aspect with attention and rigor.”

In conclusion, Saccomanno claims, «the Messina Bridge Strait Society addresses with determination and responsibility not only the issue of structural safety, but also that of the expropriations necessary for the construction of the work. We are confident that, with the support of the affected communities and the work of our experts, the Messina Bridge will become not only a symbol of progress, but also an example of good practices and collaboration.”