Cosenza, it’s time to adopt him (permanently): the three reasons why Tutino should sign for life


By John

A shy sun kisses the awakening of the people of Cosenza, not at all cold despite the winter. Because yesterday he thought about warming hearts and limbs Gennaro Tutino. Hat-trick against Venezia, stop to the lack of victories (two months and ten days of hell) against Cosenza, ranking a little calmer and double figures very close. Goals aside, however, what is striking about the Tutino 2.0 is its maturity. Human and football. The first version of the Neapolitan scugnizzo was strongly influenced by the promotion company. There is his imprint, very clear, on Cosenza’s return to Serie B at the end of the 2017-2018 season. But the Tutino in his early twenties was a talent capable of splitting matches on his own, sometimes not caring about what was happening around him. Damn instinctive and decisive. Today is different stuff. Even tactically, because he plays as a mobile striker (or under striker), alternating moments in which he finds himself acting with his back to goal and the usual game: one against one. A total attacker who, if the doors were a centimeter wider, would be well into double figures. But beyond the technical aspect – which counts, of course, and for information ask Pierini and his companions, who left the “Marulla” with a few less certainties and a few more goals conceded – what amazes about Tutino is his leadership . L’man of the party that Cosenza had been waiting for too long.

Rossoblù for life: the three reasons

The first is precisely that: despite the category, Cosenza and the people of Cosenza are a little discouraged by having to systematically find themselves fighting in the treacherous areas of the rankings. An excellent reason to go to the “Marulla” is the idea of ​​being able to admire superGenny’s plays indefinitely.

The second, no less obvious, is that Tutino is not only loved by Cosenza but reciprocates this love. Recent history is full of kisses to the coats of arms and shirts from the current champions, rewritten too quickly at the first Arab ring or at the first recall of the most prestigious category. His, the ones that print their affection on the rossoblù, are sincere lips.

The third, the most important. In the history of Cosenza football there is a huge void. A hole that does not discourage fans and those who love the team, but which remains so: it is called Serie A. No one, not even the greatest heroes who sailed the Crati and Busento, managed to write the most beautiful page of history of all. But to do so, even greater heroes are needed. And above all you need to give it time. Gennaro Tutino, 28 years old in August, still has plenty of time. And his heart tells him that staying in the City of Bruzi is the right choice. At the end of the year, regardless of whether the right of redemption is triggered, an effort will have to be made. And hold it. Make him sign a lifetime contract. Complete with a shirt kiss with closed eyes, because you can trust his snaps: this jacket would never betray her.