12 million to Calabrian farmers, around 1400 beneficiaries for the 2023 year


By John

The final list of recipients of the resources allocated to the world of breeding was defined quickly, a month and a half after the publication of the provisional ranking, to encourage the spread of increasingly sustainable breeding practices that adhere to the natural needs of the farmed species. The measure, already available on the portal www.calabriapsr.it, relates to the requests for support received in response to the call for animal welfare, 2023. Following the review phase carried out by the Evaluation Commission, the audience of beneficiaries – also as a result of the application of a slight cut to premiums – was significantly expanded, so as to allow the financing of all 1,388 applications (out of a total of 1,583) considered eligible and the exclusion of the 195 declared inadmissible.

“Until a few years ago – comments the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallo – on average, approximately 4 million were available for the sector annually, usually assigned to a maximum of 500 companies. Now we have finally changed course, transforming into concreteness the commitments undertaken in the terrible months of the pandemic followed closely by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the explosion of production costs and raw material prices. Step by step, despite a thousand difficulties that still persist , we are trying to get out of the crisis, with tenders that provide for substantial investments and more streamlined procedures, to guarantee liquidity in a certain and timely manner”. Specifically, through the planned initiatives, which in some way represent unique at a national level, due to the multiplicity of objectives pursued, the aim is to gradually eliminate the use of any form of cage farming, with aid for each head of adult livestock in favor of breeders who have assumed the obligation to observe provisions for improving breeding conditions, for at least 5 years.
With positive effects in terms of better animal health, through breeding techniques that involve fewer sources of stress and physical suffering, suitable nutrition, housing conditions suited to specific needs, as well as greater attention to biosecurity, with significant benefits also in terms of environmental pollution. The payment of the prizes will begin in the next few days, by the paying agency Arcea.