Cosenza, Provincial elections: the center-left tries to overtake


By John

The great challenge. On December 20, the center-left will attempt to undermine the center-right majority that controls the provincial council assembly of the leadership that led to the election of Rosaria Succurro of Forza Italia as president. The coalition with strong Pd traction includes the municipal councilors of Cosenza Mimmo Frammartino, Giuseppe Ciacco, Raffaele Fuorivia and Gianfranco Tinto, the councilors of Corigliano Rossano Salvatore Tavernise (very close to the Ionian mayor Flavio Stasi) and Rosellina Madeo group leader of the civic democrats assembly; the mayors of Santo Stefano di Rogliano, Lucia Nicoletti (close to the former regional councilor Graziano Di Natale) and of Acri, Pino Capalbo.

The intermediate elections will lead to the overall designation of 12 councilors who will remain in office for the next 24 months. The number of territorial representatives dropped from 16 to 12 because the population of the province of Cosenza fell below 700,000 units.

A centre-left that lost the leadership of the organization with the defeat of Ferdinando Nociti to the benefit of Succurro is contrasted with a four-speed centre-right: a list is made up of exponents of the Brothers of Italy and the League which presents, among others, the vice-president in office, Giancarlo Lamensa and the mayor of Mirto Corsia, Antonio Russo. Forza Italia, on the other hand, is nominating two outgoing councilors, Francesco Chiaravalle and Carmine Lo Prete; Among the possible future majority there is also Action, led at the provincial level by the secretary Giuseppe Lefosse and inspired by the regional councilor Giuseppe Graziano: the former PD and presidential candidate, Ferdinando Nociti, and the municipal councilor of Cosenza, Caterina, aspire to be elected. Savastano. The Calendians, as already happens in the Region, seem to be clearly aligned with the centre-right and therefore appear destined, in the event of victory, to occupy a government position in the future executive. Finally, the Southern Italy list, inspired by the mayor of Castrolibero and former regional councilor, Orlandino Greco, which presents the outgoing Giovanni Tenuta among its candidates. Rende, whose municipal council was dissolved by the government due to mafia infiltration, remains out of the electoral competition.