Tomorrow the No Ponte procession from Piazza Cairoli: arrival at Piazza Duomo


By John

The national NOPONTE procession is scheduled for tomorrow, at 3.30 pm, announced with an appeal launched by a varied coordination of committees, associations, parties, unions, in which over 70 acronyms from all over Italy have joined.
Added to the collective membership was the list, which will be made known on the occasion of the final speeches in Piazza Duomo, of personalities from the social, cultural and political fields, who, despite not being able to be physically present on 2 December in Messina, wanted demonstrate their closeness to the fight against the bridge.
Many citizens from all over Italy have already guaranteed their presence, as well as parliamentarians and national and regional leaders of associations, parties and unions. Also present were Father Alex Zanotelli and Mimmo Lucano.
The procession, which will start from Piazza Cairoli, will wind through the streets of the city center (viale San Martino, via S.Cecilia, via Cesare Battisti, via 1* Settembre) to end in Piazza Duomo, will have at its head a banner with a photo of the Strait of Messina and the phrase “You cannot touch the Strait”.

Among others, Fabio Granata, councilor for culture of Syracuse, former vice president of the Sicilian Region, will speak; Angelo Bonelli, national co-spokesperson for the Greens; Barbara Florida; senator of the M5S and president of the Rai supervisory committee; Anthony Barbagallo, regional secretary of the PD.


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The participation of:

Green Europe, M5S, PD, +Europa, Italian Left, PMLI Catania, Messina Provincial Federation of the Communist Refoundation Party.