Cosenza stops at the best moment. Sampdoria spoils the celebration for the 110th anniversary of the rossoblù


By John

Cosenza-Sampdoria 1-2

Markers: 23′ pt Darboe, 26′ De Luca, 30′ st Frabotta.
Cosenza (4-2-4): Micai 6; Gyamfi 6.5, Camporese 5, Fontanarosa 5, Frabotta 6.5; Praszelik 6 (21′ st Calò 6.5), Zuccon 5.5 (35′ st Voca sv); Canotto 5 (10′ st Antonucci 5.5), Mazzocchi 5.5 (35′ st Crespi sv); Tutino 6.5, Forte 5 (21′ st Florenzi 5.5). All.: Caserta.
Sampdoria (3-5-2): Stankovic 6.5; Piccini 6, Ghilardi 5.5, Gonzalez 6; Depaoli 5.5, Kasami 6.5 Yepes 6, Darboe 7, Barreca 6..5 (35′ st Giordano sv); Alvarez 5.5 (22′ st Benedetti 6), De Luca 7. All.: Pirlo.
Referee: By Marco di Ciampino 6.
Note. Land in good condition. Attendance: 14,404 (of which 121 guests). Booked: Depaoli, Fontanarosa, Darboe, Florenzi, Gonzalez, Yepes. Corners: 12-0. Recovery time: 3′; 7′.

Sampdoria confirms itself as taboo for Cosenza. Blucerchiati stain the Sila celebration for one hundred and ten years. It was a spectacle in the stands and on the sidelines but “Marulla” also had three points up for grabs and the Dorians took those away, thus breaking the rise of Tutino and co. At the starting whistle only one change in the eleven for the Sila: Fontanarosa replaces the suspended Venturi.
After a “rebound” from Tutino blocked by the Blucerchiati rearguard, on the other side Depaoli closes on the outside of the net on a cross from (9′). Identical ending for Cosenza’s reply, four minutes later, entrusted to Tutino’s header, controlled by Stankovic. The Frabotta-Tutino axis also works in the 21st minute when the Doria goalkeeper saves himself as best he can by deflecting it into a corner.
In the best phase of the Caserta team, Sampdoria split the match with Darboe (23′). The midfielder takes the ball away from Zuccon in midfield and starts with a central strike. The rossoblù defense accompanies him to the limit and from there the number 55 gives Micai no escape, fishing for the low corner.
The Sila blackout continues and Sampdoria doubles: Kasami draws DeLuca who moves without triggering the Cosenza alarm system (Fontanarosa and Frabotta do not read his movement in the area) again piercing the rossoblù goal.

Tutino tries to shake his but to no effect. In the second half, at the start, Kasami gives Micai shivers with a shot from the edge. Cosenza doesn’t threaten Stankovic. Caserta switches to 4-3-3 by removing Forte and Praszelik from the field and inserting Florenzi and Calò. Pirlo replies with Benedetti in place of Alvarez. In the 23rd minute, following Frabotta’s cross, Camporese’s header is central. The Sila team reopened the match on the half hour mark, following the development of the twelfth corner. Calò’s return move is poisonous, Frabotta he forcefully bursts into the near post and beats Stankovic but in the final, despite the pressure, the result does not change.