Training, 10 million in Sicily for the retraining and relocation of unemployed teachers


By John

The regional council has released ten million euros intended for the retraining of teachers registered in the regional register of teaching staff of training courses who have confirmed their state of unemployment and for whom the Region had undertaken to start a support and reintegration process .

After an initial recognition phase carried out by Formez, which selected 941 suitable subjects, out of 1267 involved, to become recipients of the aid, a voucher of 10 thousand euros will be provided for each teacher. Among the beneficiaries, 830 people during the evaluation chose training retraining courses, an attendance allowance for courses lasting from 3 to 9 months and the provision of “on the job” internships; 21 opted for the path that involves the provision of self-employment grants, tutoring activities and financing of business start-up expenses; Finally, 90 teachers, over the age of 64, will be supported in their retirement with public utility interventions and an incentive intended to cover the social security period for the purposes of starting retirement.

«I express satisfaction – declared the regional councilor for Education and professional training, Mimmo Turano – for the explicit appreciation expressed by the Schifani council towards a provision which allows the teaching staff of unemployed training courses to continue on a path of retraining of skills. The Region will provide Formez with the contributions that will allow them for specialized training, digital innovation or self-employment”.

Over 19 million euros to strengthen employment centers in Sicily

The Schifani council also approved the new regional plan financed with resources allocated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Sicily has been allocated just over 19.1 million euros which will be used for all activities related to strengthening staff skills and strengthening infrastructure. «We are paying maximum attention to the work of the employment centers which – declares councilor Nuccia Albano – are the sentinels in the area capable of analyzing the needs of citizens and businesses through monitoring employment data. The plan will serve to strengthen orientation and training services to try to reduce the existing gap between the skills required by the job market and those actually possessed by job seekers. By strengthening the structures, it will be possible to offer higher quality services and better time management.” The plan had already been sent to the Mission Unit for the coordination of the management activities of the interventions envisaged under the Pnrr and to the General Directorate of Active Labor Policies, which had deemed it coherent with respect to the structure and contents.