Cuts to Vibo Valentia’s health system, Tucci (M5S): “10 million less for treatment? Occhiuto’s betrayal”


By John

“The President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, in his capacity as commissioner ad acta for health, gives the well served to the citizens of the province of Vibo Valentia depriving them of 10 million euros for healthcare, equal to 68 euros less per patient. A cut of around 3.4 percent from the indistinct and restricted healthcare fund. All this emerges from reading and comparing his latest provision on health, decree (Dca) 92/2024 and the previous one, 217/2023″. This is what the parliamentarian of the 5 Star Movement Riccardo Tucci says in a note. “The cut in resources – he adds – was highlighted, in a press article, by the cardiologist from Vibo Valentia Soccorso Capomolla. A well-founded and more than legitimate criticism that I make my own and relaunch”.

“After the schizophrenic position on differentiated autonomy – the note continues – Occhiuto is the protagonist of this umpteenth “pearl” that will completely eliminate the right to healthcare for the people of Vibo Valentia, already reduced to a minimum. A move that will worsen the state of public healthcare, with the direct consequence that the people of Vibo Valentia will be forced to dig into their pockets to seek treatment by turning to private healthcare or, worse, to emigrate to other better equipped regions. With this discrimination, territories will be created where the Calabrians will be able to seek treatment and others where they will not be able to do so, which is more or less what will happen on a scale in all sectors with differentiated autonomy. The people of Vibo Valentia – I remind Occhiuto – are the same ones who have been waiting for twenty years for the construction of the new hospital, which is slow to see the light despite the endless series of announcements”.

“The paradoxical thing – Tucci underlines – is that this cut is happening while in the Region there is an abundance of unused financial resources, in fact, there are about 400 million euros available from the centralized health management fund (Gsa). That is, in Calabria the rights to health are being cut even though there is money to guarantee them. In the face of all this, I hope that Occhiuto listens to our cry of pain by rebalancing the financial allocation between the territories, so that the people of Vibo can rely on decent health care like the rest of the Calabrians”, concludes the parliamentarian.