Differentiated autonomy, Mancuso: “A mess due to haste which is a bad advisor”


By John

“With reference to the jubilant scenes of Calabrians in Parliament, I reiterate my perplexity at the approval of a law which is only a plume for some and which, as it is, does not protect our territory. The position of the majority of the Regional Council of Calabria on differentiated autonomy, shared by President Occhiuto, has always been marked by a sense of responsibility that puts the reasons of our communities before everything else, in an essential unitary vision of the country. A position that we have clearly represented since we started discussing the project”. This was stated in an hour by the president of the regional council, Filippo Mancuso (Lega).
“With linearity and transparency both in the Regional Council, by approving a specific document with which we asked for specific guarantees regarding the devolution of non-LEP matters to the Regions, and in the public debate, we pragmatically considered that under certain conditions the law could be an opportunity for the Noon.
In the end, however, the approved law proved to be ua mess that is difficult even to decipher, as it is not even easy to understand whether it is a text that removes the disparity in access to essential services in the area or whether, instead, it negatively affects solidarity between Regions by favoring those in the North.
And which, above all, will be difficult to apply, because, in any case, it will never be possible to violate – concluded Mancuso – the constitutional principles, including the right of citizens to have the same services wherever they live. Unfortunately, the Parliament, instead of favoring simplification and regulatory clarity, giving in to haste which is never a good guide, approved a confusing text of the law and certainly not in line with the real needs of the South nor with those of a country that , to face the challenges of the moment, must strengthen and not put social and territorial cohesion at risk”.