Double trench on Autonomy: Calabria wears the helmet


By John

Calabria prepares the trench on differentiated autonomy. The strategy is twofold: on the one hand the action of the governor Roberto Occhiuto at a national level in concert with the leaders of Forza Italia, on the other hand an attempt will be made to unite the positions present at the level behind a single motion to be approved in the Regional Council in program Thursday 18 April.
In Rome the Azzurri have put the reform so dear to the League in their sights. Partly due to electoral calculations, partly after having taken into account some measures that were too penalizing for the South, the Forza Italia supporters no longer make any secret of aiming to “slow down” and modify the text of the Calderoli bill. The deadline for submitting amendments to the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber has been moved from Monday at 3pm to Tuesday at 12pm. It is not excluded that a signal in this sense could always come from Forza Italia. The amending proposal to safeguard healthcare from further risks is substantially ready, but the presentation is linked to a series of ongoing political evaluations. And even if the date of April 29th is confirmed for the start of the general discussion in the Chamber after the green light from the commission, more than one confirms the probability of a postponement of the final vote on the reform until after the vote for the European elections. However, a postponement of Autonomy would also put the premiership in the Senate at risk. In fact, in the agreement between Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini from 10 days ago there is the “simul, simul” for the two measures: either both are in place, or both are blocked.