Elections, the center-left and the 20 points «to restore normality to Vibo»


By John

«This evening we will not criticize any of our opponents, even if we would have to badmouth them for months. No, this evening we will talk about us, our candidates and above all our program to change this city”: braving less than ideal weather for an outdoor rally, the aspiring mayor of the center-left of ViboEnzo Romeoyesterday afternoon, he wanted to meet citizens and supporters to officially present his coalition's program.
At his side, the major political representatives of the lists in support of him, Pd, Movimento 5 Stelle, Progressives for Vibo and Progetto Vibo. All together, to ask for maximum support, especially at the polls on June 9th and 10th, “to give this city a real change”. A turning point, which is all within the 20-point program, which Enzo Romeo, together with his team, promises to implement once elected to lead the “Luigi Razza” palace. «From economic development, to productive activities, through services and welfare, up to the creation of a technological hub for high training and the creation of specific projects, we aim to bring life back to a now dead city. We have understood the needs of the entire coalition, but also those of the citizens, hoping to be able to implement it as administrators.”
However, there remain some emergencies to be addressed with a certain urgency: health, work, production activities and trade.