Europeans, Castrovillari arbereshe minorities movement appeal against electoral law


By John

The federative movement of linguistic minorities «Nuova Arbëria» presented an appeal to the Civil Court of Castrovillari to request the modification of the European electoral law «because, in its current form – it is said in a note – it denies the Arbëreshe minority made up of 50 communities scattered in seven Italian regions, Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata, Puglia, Molise, Campania and Abruzzoto express its own representative in the European Parliament”.

«The appeal – the press release adds – drawn up by the professor Happy Besostrione of the leading Italian experts on electoral laws, author of the appeals against the ‘Porcellum’ and ‘Rosatellum’ as well as speaker in the Senate of the law on the protection of historical linguistic minorities, and by the lawyers Enzo Paolini and Emanuela Capparelliwas signed by the president of the ‘Nuova Arbëria’ movement, Nicholas Bavasso; by the mayors of Lungro, Acquaformosa and Firmo, Carmine Ferraro and Gennaro Capparelli And Joseph Bosco. “The commitment of the federative movement, aimed at claiming the rights hitherto denied to the Arbëreshe linguistic minority, despite the approved regulations – the note continues – is also reflected in the appeal that has been presented, with which it is intended to put an end to discrimination rights institutions that continue to backfire on internal linguistic groups to the benefit of border linguistic minorities”. The details of the appeal will be disclosed during a press conference which will be held in Calabria next September.