Family, from the Sicilian Region over 1.4 million for corporate welfare initiatives


By John

Promote the work of parents with pre-school and school-age children to reduce gender inequality, support family care responsibilities and improve employee well-being, increasing productivity. The Department of Family and Social Policies has published a notice, which can be consulted at this link for the promotion of family business welfare initiatives for a total of 1,420,000 euros.

«The family represents the nucleus of society and we want to implement every necessary initiative to allow the members to realize themselves in the simplest and most appropriate way, facing the difficulties of our times. This support measure is aimed at employees of micro and small businesses, with the aim of improving the conciliation between professional responsibilities and family life – declares the councilor Nuccia Albano -. Through actions we want to support the balance between people’s work and private life which can bring positive effects on reducing absences, increasing productivity, improving motivation and organizational well-being. Attention to the well-being, health and quality of life of workers is in fact an increasingly determining factor for productivity. For the Schifani government, the family represents the fulcrum of society in which we must continue to invest. A commitment that we must achieve together, with maximum synergy, institutions, the third sector, companies, citizens.”

The initiative is aimed at micro and small businesses, public and private entities and third sector entities that have at least one operational headquarters in Sicily. Among the planned activities: home caregiving services, including emergency ones (non-continuous); babysitting or family assistants for fragile individuals or for participation in other childcare and support services for vulnerable dependent family members; childcare services during school closure/suspension periods; before and after school activities; accompanying employees’ children to extracurricular activities and fragile family members to carry out various activities. Furthermore, services are planned that can contribute to the optimization of travel times from home to work and corporate flexibility interventions and forms of coworking.

Each project proposal must have a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of 18 months and can obtain a contribution of up to 90 thousand euros. Applications can be submitted via certified email to (email protected) by February 29th.