Fire in the courtyard of the Classical and Scientific High Schools of Cassano. Probably malicious


By John

A fire, probably arson, has been affecting one of the sides of the courtyard that runs alongside the building that houses it for about a couple of hours. the Classical and Scientific High Schools of Cassano. For reasons still being ascertained, the brushwood and other waste materials that were in a portion of the courtyard fortunately not accessible to students and outsiders caught fire.

Due to the high temperatures that continue to be recorded, the fire immediately took on significant dimensions, even threatening – due to the blanket of smoke and high flames – the upper floors that house the classes. The staff and students were immediately evacuated calmly and rigorously without any damage or other problems and awaited the arrival of the parents outside. The Fire Brigade of the Provincial Command of Cosenza and the Local Police of Cassano all’Ionio immediately intervened on site. The situation is completely under control, the firefighters have almost put out the fire. The hope is that from their report it will emerge what the real causes that led to the fire were.