Messina, Musolino against De Luca: “Offended as a woman. Enough of the dictatorial management of a party”


By John

“Violence against women does not only occur with physical, material acts and gestures – writes Senator Dafne Musolino after the back and forth with Cateno De Luca, her former political leader – On the contrary, violence against women is often preceded and accompanied by denigration of his image, from the offense to his dignity, from the insinuation of his lack of morality or from the explicit accusation of being inclined to easy morals”.

He is never named. But Cateno De Luca is clearly the protagonist of the very heated outburst of the new senator from Italia Viva who, attacked on social media, threatens to sue.

“AND an act of unprecedented violence – continues Musolino – to offend a woman in her intimate and personal sphere, isolating her from her context and immolating her on the altar of an alleged lack of morality where the Judge is always a man who feels hurt because he cannot bear a rejection or because, simply, that Woman did not do as he wanted. Even in politics things are not very different.

The rhetorical device, the use of metaphor, the verbal attack, the pseudo-paternalistic approach that would almost like to try to justify a choice as if the person who made it was not entirely capable of understanding and wanting (naive or stupid, the alternative is this)are the tools with which I was attacked yesterday.

Time is a gentleman, it gives you the answers or it makes you no longer even care about having them.
In my case, time helped me understand that this aggressive, humiliating, coercive and dictatorial way of managing a party did not belong to me, has never belonged to me.
And after yesterday that gentleman of the time also provided me with the clearest of answers to the first question that every person should ask himself: what am I willing to do to defend my dignity and my freedom of thought?
I gave my answer. There will be time to explain the background and tell what I want to continue doing, but I want to say one thing this morning, before the dogs wake up: there is no growth where comparison is not allowedwhere the political opponent becomes the enemy to be destroyed, where the woman is always portrayed as the prostitute of the moment.
Today I regenerate myself by participating in a far-reaching political event with a renewed desire to pursue constructive and concrete politics.
I do politics without insulting others but with the strength of my ideas. I am ready to discuss with everyone but I will never be subjected to anyone.
I am free, I am ALIVE!