Gianni Alemanno in Vibo to plant the seed of the new social right


By John

It is not the right of the right nor a force that no longer intends to dialogue with the government. But undoubtedly, the new lineup coming soon Gianni Alemanno – who yesterday met with members and supporters in the premises of Hotel 501 – will implement: significant innovations in this direction will arrive before November, he has precise intentions which do not coincide at all with those of the current executive.
A formation ready to run alone not only in the European elections but also in the local elections, assuming – if there are appropriate reasons – the necessary distances “from the most Atlanticist government in history”. The “Italian Independence Forum” was inaugurated by all his former friends. Alongside the former mayor of Rome, Pino Sciano, exponent of the social right who has never lacked coherence and president of the provincial territorial committee. The senator was also in the room Francesco Bevilacqua, the businessman Domenico Arenathe former president of the city council Giuseppe Muratore. Presences with a precise meaning in view of the next local elections. At the first meeting in Calabria of the management, also the former mayor of Locri Francesco Macrì.