Giorgetti explains the flop of the ESM: “The climate was not the right one…”. Emiliano: “A von der Leyen style kick”


By John

«The Minister of Economy and Finance was interested in seeing the ESM approved for economic and financial reasons but for how the debate has developed in recent days, jury of honor and things of this type, it seemed clear to me that there was no air for approval. For reasons that are not just economic.” The Minister of Economy said it Giancarlo Giorgetti questioned by reporters outside the Senate. To those who asked him about the opposition’s request to resign, he replied: “The opposition’s advice is always useful but allow me to decide then.”

Kick in the shins to von der Layen

“Beyond what they say from the Government, the state budget is a disaster and there is a completely paralyzed financial system. Failure to vote on the ESM is equivalent to not having participated in supporting Ukraine in the war, we have thrown away a European treaty shared by all the countries (and also by the Berlusconi government of which Meloni was a part) out of spite probably linked to the disgrace that Italy made on the Stability Pact, because Italy arrived late, delegitimised, fear that the agreement on the pact could cause a tightening of finance and, in a politically foolish manner, responded by making all European citizens lose the protection of the ESM, which in this case would have been extended to the failures not only of the States, but also (possibly) of the banks. Yesterday Parliament kicked Ursula von der Leyen in the shins, despite the fact that the EU was fundamental in overcoming the pandemic crisis”. This is what the president of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano expressed himself this morning, on the sidelines of the presentation of the 630th Putignano Carnival.