Healthcare, Amalia Bruni: “The 118 operators did not receive any compensation, here in Calabria they are children of a lesser God”


By John

“The 118 operators must truly be children of a lesser God, especially here in Calabria where their fate seems to interest no one, despite the fact that they operate in extreme conditions with exhausting shifts and in an area where everything is complicated for anything concerning healthcare . Yes, because colleagues who are lucky enough to work in other regions have seen the allowances provided by the Government with the budget law arrive in their paychecks. Just to give some examples, Lombardy has put 118 hundred euros into the pockets of doctors, those of Tuscany have put ninety, and in Campania the same. And this is because it is the result of negotiations between the regions mentioned and the trade unions, which has never happened in Calabria, despite the money having arrived some time ago.” He writes it in a note Amalia Bruniregional councilor of the Democratic Party and vice-president of the Third Commission.

“What’s more, many hospital companies – continued Bruni – do not even provide the forty euros foreseen for the emergency room, a sort of base from which we start and then add the other money provided by the Government in a sector, that of the Emergency Room, where a general stampede has been underway for some time, so much so that few bastions of the 118 service remain here in Calabria but we still don’t know for how long. The shame of this situation lies in the fact that in order to meet the payment of these allowances the Region has already received over one million one hundred thousand euros which have remained in the institution’s safe. For these reasons I filed a question in which I recalled that with law no. 234/2021 (Financial Law 2022), art. .1 paragraphs 293 and 294, a fund has been established for medical management and healthcare sector personnel employed by companies and bodies of the National Health Service and operating in emergency services; with the same rule, an amount equal to 27,000,000 Euros for medical management and 63,000,000 for healthcare sector personnel was defined, a specific indemnity of an ancillary nature to be recognized, based on their actual presence in service, with effective from 1 January 2022; with resolution no. 278 of 21 December 2022, the Conference of the Regions has provided for the relevant distribution of resources”.

“Unfortunately, the disbursement of the respective allowances – highlighted Bruni – is subject to the signing of a specific trade union agreement but despite repeated requests from all the trade union organisations, to date a bargaining table has not even been established. Furthermore, most of the regions have long defined the negotiations and provided for the disbursement of the aforementioned allowances. It is therefore unacceptable to keep resources earmarked for such important services in the coffers of the region due to lack of obligations. Therefore, with this question we ask the President of the Council Regional what initiatives it intends to take For define in a short timevi the application, also in RCalabria region, of article 1 paragraphs 293/94 of law 234/2021.