Goodbye Susanna Giovannini, she was the protagonist of the ecumenical and interreligious dialogue of Cosenza. Many messages of condolence


By John

Suffered from a serious cerebral aneurysm last August 24th, she died today (September 2nd) Susanna Giovannini, of the Bethel Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Cosenza, daughter of Pastor Paolo, wife of Tommaso Della Cananea and mother of Abigail. She was the protagonist of the Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue of Cosenza, she was the Head of the Secretary Group for Ecumenical Activities of Cosenza.

The archdiocese

The Metropolitan Archbishop Mons. Giovanni Checchinato wanted to express to the Reverend Pastor Paolo Giovannini on behalf of the entire Catholic Church in Cosenza-Bisignano his grateful memory for the service to communion rendered by the generous and constant testimony of faith and Christian life of his sister Susanna.

Monsignor Giovanni Checchinato addresses her fervent prayer to the Lord to welcome her into His Kingdom and give all her loved ones the consolation that comes from Faith.

The director of the Ecumenism and Ecumenical Activities Office, Don Fabio De Santis, was close to the community and wanted to recall his commitment to ecumenical activities and the synodal path in which he participated with the certain conviction of giving a contribution to this strong and beautiful experience that the Catholic Church and in particular the Cosenza Church is having in recent years.

Condolences from the interreligious dialogue group

The Interreligious Dialogue Group for Peace of Cosenza expresses a feeling of condolence and gratitude for Susanna Giovannini of the Evangelical Church of Bethel. “Generous in character”, he writes on behalf of the collective Maria Carmela Stancati“he said yes even before hearing our request with an enthusiasm of joy in small and big things. The list of his talents and actions at the service of humanity and of his constant presence in monthly meetings and meetings would be long. events of the Interreligious Group. A proactive and active presence. To the city of Cosenza he leaves as a gift his important books, the soup kitchen, the Observatory against violence against women, his service to the SAE and to the Pentecostal church, in addition to many other works of charity that we keep silent about out of respect for private individuals. Susanna did many things in the family, in the community and in society, with the haste to live typical of souls chosen by God. An honor to have had her with us and now a beacon that illuminates the city”.

The condolences of the Administration

Mayor Franz Caruso expressed his deepest condolences for the passing of Susanna Giovannini, a leading exponent of the Bethel Evangelical Church of Cosenza. “It is news – underlined Franz Caruso – which has shocked the entire city, not only the Bethel Evangelical Church and all the members of the interreligious dialogue group for peace in the city of Cosenza of which Susanna Giovannini was part and of which she had become one of the most active entertainers. We are deeply saddened by a loss that makes us feel more alone and that unites in solitude the many people who, in years of tireless work on behalf of others, Susanna had the opportunity to meet, listen to and help in every way. As an emblematic example, her commitment and stubbornness, together with those of the other associations that worked with her – underlined Mayor Franz Caruso – was responsible for the creation of the “Ristorando” project in the city, a real social canteen. which thanks to a virtuous network of volunteers has rushed to the aid of the so-called “new poor”, individuals or families who are unable to make ends meet and who find themselves in situations of temporary difficulty, due to the economic crisis”.

Echoing Mayor Franz Caruso in the expressions of condolences aroused by the premature and sudden death of Susanna Giovannini is also the city councilor Francesco Turco, delegate of the Mayor for relations with religious confessions, who gave new impetus to the Group of interreligious dialogue for peace in the city of Cosenza in line with the mayor’s directions which go in the direction of promoting among all the entities operating in the area a dialogue and an intercultural exchange aimed at overcoming preclusions and prejudices of any nature.

For Francesco Turco, who today paid homage to Susanna Giovannini by visiting the funeral home to bring the greetings of Mayor Franz Caruso and where he met her father, Paolo Giovannini, Pastor of the Bethel Evangelical Church, “with the passing of Susanna Giovannini the Interreligious Dialogue Group loses one of its most determined and sensitive figures, remaining orphaned of a certain point of reference, that of a strong and cheerful woman and a person animated by a profound faith. Undeniable qualities that I have had the opportunity to appreciate in these two years as Mayor Franz Caruso’s delegate for relations with religious confessions, in the frequent meetings, formal and informal, that I have had with Susanna Giovannini. My grateful thoughts go to her and her thanks for having enriched me with her teachings of life and faith.” Both the Mayor Franz Caruso and the councilor Turco addressed to the family of Susanna Giovannini, in particular to her father, Paolo Giovannini, Pastor of the Bethel Evangelical Church of Cosenza, a message of profound participation in the pain of this very sad moment.