Hamas releases a video with the bodies of two of the three hostages shown yesterday still alive. Israel: psychological torture on families


By John

Yossi Sharabi and Itay Svirsky, two of the three hostages in the video released by Hamas last night, have died. Noa Argamani, the kidnapped girl who appeared in the same video posted on Telegram by the terrorist group, makes this clear in a new video published in the evening. In today’s video – which has not been published in Israel – you can see images of the two lifeless male hostages.

According to Argamani’s account, which could not be verified, the two “were killed in two separate Israeli bombings.” In the video released in the evening by Hamas, Noa Argamani, a 26-year-old kidnapped at a rave party in the Negev desert on October 7, says how the other two hostages who were with her, Itay Svirski, 38, and Yossi Sharabi, 53, died. «at first kept in a building».

«When the building was bombed by the Israeli army – says Noa in a colorless voice in front of the camera – two rockets exploded and one did not. Al Qassam soldiers recovered Itay and me and took us to another place. Yossi did not survive. In the other place there was a further Israeli air attack, Itay was hit, I was injured in the head and other parts of the body (but you can’t see any injuries in the images).

The two of them died from army attacks: stop this madness and bring us home”, concludes Noa. Then the images show, taken from very close up, the corpses of Yossi, partially closed in a white shroud, his face partly bloodied, a wound on his arm, and that of Itay, also wrapped in a white sheet, with his hands tied on the belly. At the beginning of the film, Itay is alive, asking Netanyahu “to stop the war”, to “bring them home”. Noa says that “the Al Qassam militias treat them well, but resources are few and there is a lack of food and water.”

Israel “Psychological torture on families of hostages by Hamas”

«Hamas exercises psychological torture on the hostages’ families». Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said this after the latest video released by Hamas with the bodies of two kidnapped people. “The army,” he added, “is in constant contact with the families and forwards them verified information.” The army – he explained – “will provide further details later”. “If the military pressure on the ground were to cease – he concluded – the fate of the hostages would remain uncertain for years.”