Virtus Francavilla escapes, Tribuzzi saves Crotone


By John


MARKERS: 7’pt Ingrosso, 27’st Tribuzzi.

CROTONE (3-5-2): Dini 6; Papini 6.5, Loiacono 6, Bove 5.5 (24’st Bruzzaniti 6); Tribuzzi 7, Petriccione 6.5, Vinicius 5.5 (24’st Felippe 6), Vitale 5 (16’st Gomez 6.5), Giron 6.5 (43’st Crialese sv); Tumminello 5.5, D’Ursi 6(43’st Cantisani sv). All. Zauli 6. VIRTUS FRANCAVILLA (3-5-2): Branduani 7; Monteagudo 6, Dutu 6, De Marino 6; Biondi 6.5 (23’pt Carella 6.5), Risolo 5.5, Di Marco 6, Macca 6, Ingrosso 6.5; Polidori 5.5 (33’st Garofalo 6), Artistic 5.5. All. Occhiuzzi 6. REFEREE: Ramondino of Palermo 6. NOTE: observed 1′ of contemplation and mourning on the arm to commemorate the passing of Antonio Tufo, father-in-law of President Gianni Vrenna

Warned: Risolo, Bove, Petriccione, Macca,

Angles: 5-4

Recovery: 2’pt, 5’st,

The match between Crotone and Virtus Francavilla ends in a draw. The guests went through after just 7′ thanks to a goal by Wholesalethe Calabrians managed to equalize in the 27th minute of the second half with a great goal from distance Tributes. It ends 1-1 with Crotone who rises to 39 points, temporarily placing themselves in third place while waiting for the other matches. Crotone in a great emergency with Zauli who, in addition to the injured D’Errico and Leo, also loses Vuthaj due to gastroenteritis, Stronati due to a feverish attack and captain Gigliotti who was subjected to instrumental tests which highlighted a first degree injury affecting the semitendinosus of the thigh. The defender has already started specific treatment of the case.