He does a search on Google Maps and discovers the wife with her lover on the “Bridge of Sighs”

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By John

While doing a search on Google Maps, a man discovers his wife with another man on the romantic “Bridge of Sighs” in Barranco, Lima. He sounds like a joke, but it’s reality. This was reported by the Peruvian newspaper All News.

Here is the Google Maps link.

Google Maps and Street View often reveal unexpected curiosities, such as a child caught on camera falling off his bike. In this particular circumstance, a simple search revealed to the victim a painful truth about his wife’s infidelity.

The man’s story went viral on social media, sparking both hilarity and sympathy among the public. And it is not an isolated case: recently, the same Peruvian newspaper reports, a woman discovered a photo of her husband with another woman in Mexico.

Although faces are routinely blurred on these maps, the man identified his wife by her appearance and clothing. She, when cornered, confirmed everything and the two separated.