Lamezia, mayor Mascaro isolated. Will there be a shoulder?


By John

Physically the municipal “buildings” of via Perugini certainly do not have the appearance of a fort, but politically the places of the city government seem surrounded by a siege which may not be overwhelming, indeed appearing rather ramshackle at times, but is undeniably increasingly substantial given that every day small or large pieces are added to the ranks of “enemies” which somehow make, little by little, the majority that supports the mayor less and less stable Paolo Mascaro. Or at least they give the idea of ​​a political – and in some cases even institutional – isolation that those who are free from factionalism cannot fail to see.
A clear example was the case of the Region’s commissionership for some unauthorized building ordinances that were not carried out. A controversy followed with consequent clarifications which certainly concerned the specific case, but in the tone it emerged that in the end the leaders of the Citadel were almost included among the “enemies” of the city. Not to mention the matter of the resignation of the auditors which, although evidently not of a political nature, still ended up restoring the climate of poorly concealed nervousness that has been creeping among the majority benches for some time.