Reggio Calabria, Angela Marcianò’s husband’s car on fire


By John

Probable act of intimidation against the municipal councilor of Reggio Calabria, Angela Marcianò. During the night, her husband’s car, a Kia Sportage, was hit by flames. The fire broke out shortly after two o’clock last night and completely destroyed the vehicle parked in via Sbarre Centrali. A second car parked nearby was also damaged. The firefighters, the police and the forensic team intervened on site and are investigating the episode. Angela Marcianò currently sits in the city council, elected on the “Commitment and Identity” civic list.

«Very serious criminal episode in Reggio Calabria: the car used by Angela Marcianò set on fire. As always unknown and cowardly hands try to influence free political activity of those who have never aligned themselves with the diktats of the power lobbies. The League can only decisively condemn such vile actions which must not cause fear, but must strengthen in everyone the spirit of true freedom that Calabria deserves. Angela is, in her career as a citizen, professional and councilor to the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, carrying out a reclamation battle and in recent days she should have reported on thorny topics which would have highlighted a series of conduct which are certainly not edifying” . This is what was stated by the commissioner of the League Giacomo Francesco Saccomanno.