He was traveling with a giant “Watusi” bull in the front seat of the car, stopped in Nebraska: he is a member of the family


By John

A giant bull with huge horns as a passenger. This is the scenario that some agents in Nebraska found themselves faced with after a report to the emergency number. The animal, of the Watusi species, had been placed on the specially modified front seat. Part of the windshield was also eliminated due to the size of the horns.

After being stopped, the driver, identified as Lee Meyer, also appeared surprised as he had been transporting the bull from one fair to another for years. Despite the obvious infringement, the officers decided not to fine him, however they warned him against continuing to transport the animal in those conditions.

According to Meyer’s wife, the bull, named Howdy Doody, is like a friend and family member to her husband. She also said that her spouse now thinks he is a celebrity after the video of the police arrest went viral on websites.