Health workers “hidden”, the data released by Tavernise (M5S): at the ASP of Vibo Valentia there are 23


By John

The health system in Vibo, like that in Calabria, suffers from atavistic evils. And to the now chronic shortage of doctors in the ward, other phenomena are added which contribute to making the system even more labile. This is the case of “hidden” health workers, that is, of those figures employed in tasks different from those for which they were hired, as well as of those certified workers who are unsuitable and/or with requirements that limit the tasks of their qualification of competence. In this regard, last February, Davide Tavernise, group leader in the regional council of the M5S, had requested data relating to the so-called “ambushes” from the Calabrian health authorities for the second time in less than two years. Data which, in recent hours, as regards Vibo, were provided by the extraordinary commissioner, General Antonio Battistini. According to these conclusions, there would be 23 units of healthcare personnel employed in tasks different from those for which they were hired, to which must be added 109 units of healthcare personnel, in possession – as already specified – of certified unsuitability and/or suitability with limiting requirements, with respect to the duties of the qualification to which they belong.