Hit by Ukrainian drones: “Russian patrol vessel Sergiy Kotov sank”. Rail traffic blocked in Crimea


By John

The Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense (Gur) has confirmed that the Russian patrol vessel 'Sergiy Kotov' hit by marine gifts last night in the waters of occupied Crimea has been destroyed: Ukrainska Pravda writes this on Telegram, which also notes the blockade of trains (stopped for 8 hours) due to the operation. The mission was carried out in collaboration with the Navy and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the message reads. Following the Magura V5 marine drone attack, the vessel suffered damage to both stern sides. Launched in 2021, the 'Sergiy Kotov' is one of the newest ships of the Russian Navy, has a crew of 28 people and a navigation autonomy of up to 60 days, writes Rbc-Ukraine. The cost of the sunken patrol vessel, concludes Ukrainska Pravda, is around 65 million dollars.