“I decide about my body”: Minister Roccella challenged during the General States of Natality


By John

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Roccella, began to deliver her speech to the States General of Birth at the Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome, but a group of young people immediately interrupted her by shouting “On my body I decide me” and “Shame, shame”. The minister commented from the stage: “No one said that someone else decides on women's bodies, in fact we are here precisely because today women do not fully decide about their own bodies, whether they can have children.”

«This morning I chose to leave the General States of Natality to allow the people who were on stage with me, an eight-month pregnant mother who gave her testimony and the president of the Family Forum Adriano Bordignon, to be able to speak without suffering the my same fate of censorship – said the Minister for Family, Birth and Equal Opportunities in a note -. And yet not even this was enough: I left the stage but also my mother (submerged by whistles) and Bordignon were prevented from speaking calmly. So much so that the event was suspended. This is the demonstration that it was not just a matter of censorship towards me or towards the government, but of a profound hostility towards motherhood and fatherhood, towards those who decide to bring a child into the world, exercising their freedom and without anything taking away the freedom of others, but contributing to giving a future to our society. In short, what is contested, in the end, is motherhood as a free choice.”