Illegal building, the mayor of Soverato: “We are talking about three specific cases already resolved at the time of the surveys”


By John

«I am amazed at the approval by the Regional Council of a Resolution with which the resolution of three reports of abuses, found by the Port Authority of Soverato in 2019, would be delegated to a commissioner, in front of which the Municipality of Soverato was accused, unjustly, of having remained helpless. I am stunned by the ways in which all this is reported in the mass media, launching a distorted message that blames the municipal administrations for spreading the culture of illegality and not working for the defense of our territory. But the thing that leaves me even more perplexed are the methods of approach to communication by the Calabria Region towards the same municipal bodies that are committed to solving the many critical issues of the territory on a daily basis”. The mayor of Soverato stated in a note, Daniel Vaccaregarding the resolution of the Regional Council which entrusts a commissioner with the resolution of problems connected to building abuses.

«Going into the merits of the resolution, it seems to me right to specify what we are really talking about. The document, which announced the presence of abuses in areas inserted within areas at risk of landslides or floods, areas with high seismic risk, in reality deals, as far as our city is concerned, with three specific cases of temporary occupation of state-owned areas: the first refers to the presence of umbrellas lying on the beach, the second to the moving of a craft fair to a different place from the authorized one and the last to the construction of a wooden access ramp to serve a private home , built to break down existing architectural barriers. Needless to say the problems set out above were resolved immediately after the reports were received with the removal of the works, sending all consequential documents to the Calabria Region. It therefore seems to me that the mountain has given birth to the mouse in a matter that would require a different intervention. It is in fact true that many proceedings are blocked, but why the municipal administrations remain suspended pending the conclusion of lengthy procedural procedures, and trapped within the bureaucratic delays connected, just to give an example, to the release of landscape compatibility precisely by the regional offices whose response times go well beyond even four years. The defense of legality is a common goal to be achieved in synergy with the Calabria Region, a superordinate body that must be close to the municipal administrations whose objective is the revitalization of our land. On the other hand, launching a distorted message like the one broadcast in the past few hours in the middle of summer can only damage the image of our region”.