Immigration and integration, great anticipation in Messina for the show “De Sur a Sur”


By John

Immigration and integration, search for identity, dialogue, the need to express – through a spontaneous and sensual physicality – the depth of human relationships: tango, among the most well-known musical and dance genres in the world, owes its fame to its strong social life covered and “transfigured” in the sounds and rhythms of two lands, Argentina and Italy, geographically distant although united by the warmth of the South. There is great anticipation in Messina for the show “De Sur a Sur”, which will debut on December 27th at 9pm at Vittorio Emanuele. The event, with free entry, included in the Christmas program promoted by the Municipality and the Theater Authority, will see the presence on the prestigious stage on Atypical Trio & Friendscomposed of musicians Antonino Cicero (to the bassoon), Alessandro Blanco (on guitar) e Giovanni Alibrandi (on violin), with the enchanting voice of Elisa Lorena well-known Argentine singer. For the occasion the formation will make use of the artistic synergy of the pianist Fabrizio Mocata with the double bass player Camilla Badessi and the couple of professional tango dancers Matilde Beccaria And Dennys Fernandez, special guests of the evening; together with the two soloists the dance troupe of the Marvan Danza company directed by will participate Mariangela Bonanno. A peculiar show in which the artists will accompany the spectators in the fascinating universe of milongas, including dance steps and the live performance of some of the most famous pieces of the Argentine repertoire from tradition to the present day; to embellish the performance, the scenographic suggestions of the director Valerio Vella. The show, which recalls the album of the same name published by Trio Atipico and Elisa Lorena in 2022, was born from the desire to “bring together the souls of two Souths of the world who have always had a special bond” explained Cicero, who with Mocata – originally of Mazara del Vallo – recorded the collection “FagotTango”. Already on that occasion, Cicero underlined the original and unusual combination of piano and bassoon in the musical repertoire of tango (in particular of Piazzolla, the traditional one from Rio de Janeiro and the so-called typical ones such as that of Troilo). The bassoonist, “grateful to the extraordinary commissioner Orazio Miloro for the artistic sensitivity demonstrated”, said he was proud to be able to perform together with his colleagues at the Vittorio Emanuele, “a real consecration – he said – for our formation committed for years to the diffusion of tango music.”