The ecobonus returns in 2024, incentives for electric cars


By John

«Between the resources of the new Pnrr and the budget law we will provide 15 billion for the growth of businesses». This was stated by the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore. «Transition 5.0 investments will be incentivized up to 40%», claims the minister who also announces one new round of ecobonuses for the auto sector.

Regarding investments in digital innovation, the minister explains: «We will include the new plan in the Pnrr decree in January. The 4.0 incentives will remain in force but for investors who will also be able to certify a certain energy saving, at least 3% at company level or 5% for the production process involved, there will be a transition to more generous rates based on at the level of efficiency. Up to 40%, double the current incentive. And with a limit on eligible investments that we bring from 20 to 50 million.”

As for the new ecobonus he says: «We think we can be ready with the Prime Ministerial Decree by January. The automotive fund has a total availability of 6 billion until 2030. The new ecobonus will increasingly reward the purchase of cars from the 61-135 grams of CO2 per kilometer range to the less polluting, electric and plug-in hybrids, providing increases for those who scrap older cars, starting from Euro 0 and Euro 1, up to a maximum of 11 thousand euros. We confirm the increase for families with ISEE under 30 thousand euros.”